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Sermon Notes: Wounded Soldiers March 7, 2011

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by Scott Grant

Preamble: We all live in a fallen world as a result of original sin, which has led to suffering borne out of sin and temptation. While God did not cause suffering or sin, the question often asked is why do God allow sin and suffering to continue to exist. We have heard many different answers to the question and here is another perspective. It is not THE perspective, but is another lens that we can use to understand our circumstances.

The pastor preached from Judges 2:6 to 3:6 on the theme “Wounded Soldiers”. He referenced Judges 2:20 – 23 which spoke of how God allowed the original sinful occupants of the promised land to remain (representing sin and temptation) to test them. God also raised up judges (Judges 2:16 – 18) to teach them His ways so that through their obedience they can be delivered from their suffering caused by sin. So the first lesson I learnt was that God can use sin to test and teach us so that we may know Him.

In Judges 3:1-6, we learnt that the current generation of Israelites have not been to war and thus the nations left by God also served the purpose of teaching them warfare (Judges 3:2). The pastor explained by comparing the war of the Israelites to the spiritual warfare mentioned in NT and experienced by all of us. He noted the importance of learning how to fight spiritual battles and how easy it is for many of us to turn our backs on God and take credit that belongs to God when things are going well. In some ways, I realized that sometimes sin and temptation, obstacles and setbacks can be redeemed by God who uses them to draw us closer to him.

The pastor shared a story about how an angel denied a physician healing from his melancholic affliction. When the physician stepped forward asking for healing and deliverance, he request was rejected. The pastor noted that many of us feel this way most of the time when our prayers for healing or deliverance from a particular sin or temptation is not answered. He then explained that sometimes, our afflictions are not removed because these afflictions build us in Christ-likeness and empower us as wounded soldiers to fight the battle for Christ. Returning to the story of the physician, he was denied healing because his suffering allowed him to minister and bring about healing for depressed individuals that normal physicians were unable to.

This last message was really powerful for me. All of us carry wounds in our hearts as we go through life. Some of these wounds healed with time while others seem to remain no matter what we do. And for the first time today, I realized that my wounds are powerful tools that when used empowered by God’s wisdom, can be means to help others. By perhaps putting myself out there and being vulnerable can encourage people to bring their hidden wounds and pains to light and begin the healing process.

Important Note:

  1. The pastor did not cover all grounds or fill in all the blanks and gaps in his sermon thus as the listener, I had to do some thinking and plugging the gaps. Nonetheless, it was powerful sermon for me and I hope that you guys benefit from it too.
  2. I am not doing a good job summarizing or representing what the pastor said so if you don’t agree with what’s written here, it is probably my fault and you should listen to the sermon instead.


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